Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 2016 release date: fuel-saving automobile to come out this fall

The all-new 2016 RAV4

Several months after unveiling the brand-new 2016 RAV4 Hybrid at the New York Auto Show last April, Toyota finally revealed the features of the earth-friendly sports utility vehicle. 

According to reports, the soon-to-be released RAV4 Hybrid will run using the standard Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder 2.5 liters engine together with an electric motor placed at each axle alongside the latest generation of Toyota's two-motor Hybrid Synergy Drive system which makes it an ideal eco-friendly ride. 

In the company's official website, the all-new 2016 RAV4 Hybrid is said to be coming in the U.S. market this fall. The post on the website also reads:

"With RAV4 Hybrid's advanced innovations and proven hybrid powertrain, you can make the most of any trip. And in addition to great fuel economy, RAV4 Hybrid adds extra thrills with more power, improved acceleration and Electronic On-Demand AWD-i. It's the perfect partner for everything you want to do. Let's go places."

Getting inspiration from the features of the Lexus NX300h, the all-new Hybrid RAV4 is expected to peak at 62 mph or around 100 km/hr in as fast as eight seconds. It also features a fuel economy of 33/ 30 mpg or as much as 14 km/l, which is also the same as te NX300h automobile. 

Toyota will also install a special noise insulation as well as front and rear LED light for further fuel savings.

Aside from the interesting features of the 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid under the hood, it will come with several improvements in its interior design as well. According to reports, the brand-new automobile will have a 4.2-inch TFT information screen that can be seen in its gauge cluster to provide information about the car when needed. There will also be a seven-inch touch screen which can function as the car's control center and infotainment which can be enjoyed using a view monitor as well as a USB port. 

The electric blue and silver-colored 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid models are also reported to come in two premium trims, XLE and Limited, both having an Electronic On-Demand All-Wheel-Drive System (AWD-i).