Raising a new generation of risk takers for Christ

Emerging Culture is training young people to step out and use their gifts for the kingdom of God.

It has been three years since Emerging Culture – the youth offshoot of Share Jesus International – launches its leadership training for young people and the fruits are beginning to show.

Starting up brand new university missions, engaging in outreach on their local estates, launching missional businesses and helping their towns achieve Fair Trade status are just some of the recent achievements of graduates from the course.

FRESH is all about inspiring and equipping young people to bring about change in society and use their gifts for the kingdom of God, says Dot Tyler, Manager of Emerging Culture.

The course takes young people away for a training weekend in which they enjoy biblical teaching and practical experience, before returning to their home churches, which are tasked with mentoring and releasing them.

The result is communities that are changed as the young leaders and their churches partner in meeting the needs of the people around them.

“Training young people in our churches and communities is paramount to both the today and tomorrow of the local church,” says Dot.

“In these changing, uncertain and turbulent times the church has a great opportunity to respond and help develop our young people in a way that helps bring about change in our society.”

So far, FRESH has trained around 100 young leaders and it hopes to train many more in the future.

Says Dot: “It is essential that we are building up our young people to see the needs in their area, recognise that they can do something about it and facilitate them to respond in a way that points to Jesus Christ.”

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