Quarterback makes good on promise to take friend with down syndrome to the prom

(Facebook/Lisa Moser)

Ben Moser made Mary Lapkowicz a promise when they were kids that he would take her to prom.

Recently, he proved that he was a man of his word and their unique story of friendship has become viral on the internet.

In his Facebook post, Mary's brother Tom shared that Ben and Mary were really good friends when they were in second grade. Mary had down syndrome and most of the kids stayed away from her because she was different.

"Ben was always the energetic kid in the class who always looked out for Mary and wanted to make sure she was included in all activities," Ben's mum Lisa said in a BuzzFeed interview.

"I thought Mary was really cool. She was sweet and easy to get along with," Ben said in another interview with Patriot News.

In the fourth grade, Ben promised Mary that he would take her to prom when they were older. Unfortunately, when they were in the sixth grade, Mary had to transfer to a different school and they somehow lost touch.

The two bumped into each other again during a football match and Ben, the quarterback of his high school's team, remembered his promise to his friend.

With the help of some friends, he surprised her with a special prom proposal which Mary accepted.

"I was surprised. I was going to go with some friends," she said.

Before the two set off for the Central Dauphin High School prom, their fourth grade teacher Tracey Spogli arrived and recalled the friendship the two had shared.

"Ben would always keep an eye out for Mary, making sure she was smiling and happy. I referred to Mary as 'Little Mary Sunshine' because she was the sunshine in our classroom. The entire experience of that fourth grade year was a very positive learning experience for the entire classroom and I am so proud to have been part of it!" she said.