Quarter of US teens read the Bible at least 4 times a week


A quarter of American teenagers read the Bible four or more times a week, according to new research which also shows that 86 per cent of the age-group regard the Bible as sacred literature.

The 2016 Teen State of the Bible research, commissioned by the American Bible Society, also found that 69 per cent of US teens own a Bible, while 42 per cent hear it read at least once a week.

The study, conducted by Barna Research, also found that 53 per cent of teens say that they wish they read the Bible more.

Arthur Satterwhite of the American Bible Society said: "American teens sometimes get a bad rap as being uninterested or even anti-faith. But today's Teen State of the Bible report shows that a majority of America's teens have respect for and interest in the Bible."

Nonetheless, 14 per cent of teens said that their Bible reading had declined in the last year, the main reason being – according to 41 per cent – that they were too busy with "life's responsibilities".

But a majority – 55 per cent – of the 18 per cent who increased their Bible reading said that they did so because they "came to understand [Bible reading] as an important part of [their] faith journey."

Satterwhite added: "Many teens are recognising that the Bible speaks to the complete human experience – the struggles and trials and triumphs of life. American Bible Society will continue to develop tools and resources to help teens dive into God's Word and experience its life-changing message."

The research also found that 63 per cent of teens read the Bible at least once a year; 50 per cent say they see their parents reading the Bible "frequently" or "sometimes"; and 54 per cent of teens say the Bible has "a lot" of influence on rules at home, while 32 percent say it has "some" influence.

The researchers conducted online interviews with 1,013 randomly selected teens aged between 13 to 17 within all 50 states, from May 6 to May 23, 2016.

The American Bible Society was established in 1816 to make the Bible as accessible as possible.