Protest over Christian persecution in Egypt outside House of Lords

Demonstrators condemned the persecution of Coptic Christians outside the House of Lords during a protest organised by Coptic United on Saturday.

Coptic clerics, human rights activists,and the Global Minorities Alliance (GMA) participated in the protest.

Addressing the demonstrators Dr Ibrahim Habib, head of Coptic United England accused Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi's regime of not doing anything for the people of Egypt.

He accused the regime of attempting to increase its power through "undermining" and "destroying" Egypt's government and civil society structures.

"They brutally oppressed the opposition through police and replaced people in the media and judiciary with their sympathisers", alleged Habib.

"The constitution which was produced by a majority of them is a shameful document that didn't reflect the aspirations of the Egyptian people."

The protesters were carrying placards with the slogans: "Stop the killing of Christians in Egypt" and "Stop culture of impunity against Christians".

Dr Habib criticised Morsi's regime for lodging lawsuits against people in the media opposed to government policies.

"Judges who voiced opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood were targeted, suffered ill treatment and were even terminated from their offices," said Dr Habib.

"We ask the Western governments to stop supporting the fascist Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt and help the rebirth of a new Egypt that is diverse, tolerant, progressive and accepts people of different beliefs that can co-exist in harmony, "said Dr Habib.

Speaking to the demonstrators, GMA chief executive Sheraz Khan criticised Mr Morsi for failing to protect and safeguard rights of Coptic Christians as well as other minorities.

He said: "I would have been pleased if members of House of Lords had also stood with us to express their solidarity with the persecuted Coptic Christians."

He said no Egyptian president before Morsi enjoyed as much legislative power "and yet he hasn't been able to deliver".

Mr Khan said the Muslim Brotherhood was "indifferent" and "apathetic" to the perpetual suffering of the Coptic Christians in Egypt.

He also criticised Mr Morsi for sending one of his representatives to the enthronement ceremony of Coptic Pope instead of attending the ceremony himself.

"President Morsi should go home if he cannot deliver equal rights to all Egyptian citizens because this is what he is supposed to do being the President of Egypt."