'Project Ara' release date with Android L: Google's 'build your own phone'

Fully Functional Prototype of Google's Modular Smartphone 'Project Ara'Google's modular smartphone launch is right on schedule and will be released early 2015.Facebook

Google introduced the world's first modular smartphone with a structural frame that allows users to swap out components such as the storage or camera, putting the personalized phone in a whole new level.

Google's game-changer smartphone concept was first introduced at the first Ara Developers Conference in Mountain View, Calif. last April.

The device will sport a gray structural frame, giving the users a blank slate to be creative and customize their own devices according to their liking.

The first Project Ara working prototype, which will be using a modified version of Android L, will reportedly allow the individual components, or modules to be swappable without completely turning the device off.

Users can also choose between a myriad of modules which include a gaming controller, physical keyboard, speakers, battery packs varying in size, several connectivity modules like modems and ports and a rumor of a "selfie" camera that will most likely appeal to the masses.

Users of the Ara have no need to worry about the phone breaking into its component parts when they accidentally drop it as the modules themselves have a secure locking system.

The modular smartphone will be having a starting price of $50.

Users can start with the basic package which includes Wi-Fi, but they also have the freedom to choose whether they want a 3G or 4G phone.

The users can dictate what they want in the phone and how much it will ultimately cost.

Meanwhile, Google's Advanced Technology and Patents department (ATAP) leads the innovative project and reportedly targets to finish the prototype within weeks before Project Ara's showcase at the second Ara Developers Conference at the end of the year.