Priscilla Shirer recovering well after lung surgery

Priscilla Shirer speaks at the funeral service for her mother, Lois Evans, on January 6, 2020.

Christian speaker Priscilla Shirer is making a good recovery following surgery to remove a potentially harmful lobe from her left lung.

The "War Room" star underwent the surgery after doctors discovered a small nodule that showed signs of "dangerous irregularities". 

The nodule was first discovered three years ago and kept under close observation by doctors after that time.   

On Facebook last week, she revealed that doctors were keen to operate because it had started growing last summer, but she had postponed it because of the ill-health of her mother Lois Evans, who passed away from biliary cancer on December 30, 2019. 

"The surgery was delayed but I cannot put it off any longer without jeopardizing my own health," she said. 

Her good friends Beth Moore and Christine Caine, also popular Christian speakers and writers, were at the hospital in Dallas, Texas, to pray for Shirer as she underwent the surgery. 

They shared on Instagram that they had set off for the hospital at 6am "armed and dangerous" with anointing oil and the Bible.  

Living Proof Ministries founder Beth Moore(Facebook/Living Proof Ministries with Beth Moore)

In an update, Moore said that Shirer did "very, very well". 

"I'm going to just give you the very basics because I want to leave every kind of detail to the family and respect [them] completely in this," Moore said on Instagram

"She did very very well during the surgery. The surgeon said that it went absolutely according to plan. That her body is strong and they have every anticipation that she'll heal up well." 

She and Caine were able to pay a brief visit to Shirer when she same out of surgery.

Moore said: "We just had the sweetest few minutes with her. She's just a rockstar to us, so dear and precious to us." 

She asked supporters to keep praying that Shirer would have a "smooth and comfortable recovery". 

"And, I'd add to that, a time of respite for this family we all love so much. Your prayers MATTER. Keep them up," she said.