Premier launches campaign to motivate online evangelism

Christian broadcaster Premier is encouraging the church to engage in online evangelism with the launch of a new campaign this week.

It has teamed up with Christian Vision, the group behind the social media website,

Premier has adopted as its first-ever 'On-Line Evangelism Partner' for 2013.

Throughout the year, Premier will encourage its audience to share the Christian faith in the digital space.

The two organisations will lead the way by making regular announcements to Facebook and Twitter followers.

The campaign also includes the development of new and culturally relevant resources to help Christians evangelise through new media and the web.

"This is a particularly exciting new partnership for us in 2013," says Peter Kerridge, chief executive of Premier Christian Radio.

"The yHi website provides a unique on-line service which enables Christians to share their faith in an easy, relevant and sensitive way, representing a natural synergy with Premier's existing radio and printed media resources."

Dave Smith, UK Director of yHi, said: "This is a unique and exciting partnership, utilising national radio and the online space.

"We look forward to equipping people with an effective online strategy for sharing their faith in a way that is both natural and relevant.

"We believe that partnering with Premier Radio and offering Christians cutting edge on line resource will see great success and many people coming to know Jesus."