Prayers on first anniversary of Jo Yeates death

Prayers are being said for landscape architect Jo Yeates on the first anniversary of her death today.

Miss Yeates was strangled by her neighbour Vincent Tabak after returning to her flat in Clifton from drinks with work colleagues.

Her snow covered body was found by dog walkers dumped on the roadside in a country lane on Christmas Day. Tabak, a 33-year-old Dutch engineer, was sentenced in October to 20 years in prison for the crime.

The nearby Clifton Church has opened its doors for people to come in and offer their prayers throughout the day.

The Rev Paul Langham told the BBC: “It’s a small way of marking a dreadful day in our community’s history.

“As we mark the anniversary today it is still incredibly fresh for people.

“I think the sense of shock that people felt last year is coming alive again as we remember, and particularly as we are in the middle of a season of joy and rejoicing.

“Yet it is a stark reminder that for one particular family, and for others, Christmas can be a great time of sadness.”

A card has been laid out in the church for members of the public to sign. The card will be sent to Miss Yeates’s parents.

"There was a great feeling from everybody that they wanted to do whatever they could to send best wishes and prayers to the family," said Rev Langham.

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