Pray with your wife, men urged

A new guide offers help with spiritual intimacy between married couples

A US author has penned a guide for men to encourage them to pray with their wives.

Sam Ingrassia works for e3 Partners Ministry, the international evangelism and church-planting ministry that began the 'I Am Second' movement.

He has a long background of ministry experience, and yet realised that there was a spiritual disconnect between himself and his wife.

He has since found that many Christian men are in the same position, and don't know how to provide spiritual leadership in their marriages. Many believe their wives are ahead of them spiritually.

"We men simply do not know what to do!" Ingrassia writes, noting that many men aren't even sure how to broach the subject of prayer.

His research and intent to pursue a deeper spiritual connection with his own wife has led him to write 'Just Say the Word', which hopes to provide practical guidance for men who are struggling with the same issues.

"Spiritual connectivity holds our marriage union together! God intends to be the spiritual superglue of marriage," Ingrassia asserts.

"Why is this important? We cannot 'leave God' at the altar and expect to discover success and peace. His presence in marriage can guide us as we navigate the stormy waters of real life. How can you invite and engage God to travel with your marriage?"

The book aims to help husbands and wives to pray together, and intentionally seek God as a couple.

"In the physical union of marriage, physical life is conceived and birthed. This principle is also true spiritually. With intentional spiritual union in our marriage, spiritual life will be conceived and birthed," Ingrassia notes.

"It's a journey of intentional spiritual intimacy in marriage. With marriage under attack and families falling apart, it's time to wake up and Just Say the Word."

Just Say the Word is published by Vantage Media, and is available to buy now.

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