Pray with us for Syria

A Syrian woman with her newborn baby and sonTearfund

We've had two years of seeing Syria on the news, and watching horrific images of fighting, bombs and refugees leaving their homeland.

It's almost become part of the furniture.

That's why last week's announcement that there are now 1 million Syrian people who have registered or are in the process of registering as refugees passed many of us by.

But of course we know that each of those people encompassed in such a huge number are individuals. They're people with hopes, dreams, memories and loved ones.

And actually, the 1 million figure doesn't fully reflect the scale of the crisis.

There are still many thousands more who haven't started the process of registering as refugees because it's a long, complicated system and people often can't afford to travel to the registration office.

But each one of the more than a million has a story.

Like the man who told me of the bridal shop and beauty salon business he had built up from scratch in Syria which was burnt down, leaving nothing.

And the woman who told me of the snipers on every corner, which meant she was scared to leave the house and effectively became a prisoner in her own home.

Or the father who tried to keep his family in Syria because he has serious kidney and bladder problems and knew that a move would mean he couldn't get healthcare, but had to move his wife and three children when he saw women being raped in the streets.

And the mum who proudly introduced me to her new baby, born without medical help on the roof of an abandoned half-built building.

All of the more than a million are people, made and loved by God. They need our prayers and our practical help.

That's why we're part of a vigil on Thursday 14 March to stop for a moment and remember those who are struggling. We're asking people to pray for God's provision and for his comfort and peace for people who have been caught up in the Syria crisis and just want to go home.

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