Pray for Christians in Aleppo

A humanitarian group has received an urgent prayer request from its partners in Syria for Christians in the city of Aleppo, whose major residential areas have been invaded by opposition fighters.

According to a news release from Barnabas Aid, on Thursday the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and its allies entered al-Syriaan al-Jadide and put two checkpoints in front of a Baptist church building. They also took over a local Christian school.

Barnabas Aid said the other main Christian district, al-Syriaan al-Qadime, has also fallen to the opposition. Snipers have been positioned on the roofs in both areas.

Meanwhile, Barnabas Aid said, armed FSA groups have attacked the al-Zukhur district of the city, which is home to many of the - mainly Christian - Armenian community.

Barnabas Aid said it appears that Aleppo is now largely in the hands of the opposition. Clashes with government forces are still being reported, but the regime may now be abandoning the city.

Barnabas Aid asked, "Pray for Christians in Aleppo, both during the fighting and afterwards. The opposition generally regards them as government supporters, and some Islamists will attack them simply for being Christians. Pray that the Lord will shield all those who take refuge in Him."

Barnabas Aid provides hope and aid for the persecuted church.