Pope Francis Says It's Okay To Brag About This 'Thing'

Pope Francis leads the weekly audience in Paul VI hall at the Vatican on Jan. 18, 2017.Reuters

Christians are told not to brag, but Pope Francis said there's one thing they should not hesitate to brag about — their hope in Jesus Christ.

The Pope told pilgrims during the general audience in the Pope Paul VI hall on Wednesday that bragging often tears people apart with envy and greed, but boasting about Christ actually does the opposite.

"The hope that we have been given (in Christ) does not separate us from others," he explained, according to the Catholic News Agency, and nor does it lead people "to discredit or marginalise them."

"Instead, it is an extraordinary gift for which we are called to become 'channels,' with humility and simplicity, for all," he added.

Pope Francis was reflecting on apostle Paul's Letter to the Romans during his catechesis. In the letter, Paul was boasting "in hope of the glory of God."

"So our greatest pride is to have as a Father a God who has no favorites, who does not exclude anyone, but who opens His home to all human beings, beginning with the last and the distant, because as His children we learn to console and support each other," he said.

God is "above everything," the pope said. Once people accept that, they will experience true peace and freedom in their lives. "And then this peace extends to all areas and to all the relationships in our lives: we are at peace with ourselves, we are at peace in the family, in our community, at work and with the people we meet every day on our way," he said.

Earlier, David Scudder of Bethel Church also talked about Christian bragging. He said Paul used to brag being a pure blooded Jew who was fluent in the Hebrew language. He was also a Pharisee— the strictest of all the religious leaders. However, his bragging came to a screeching halt after he met Jesus.

"Paul learned that without Christ he had no hope, but that with Christ he had his sins forgiven and an eternal friend. If Paul only had Christ, then he knew that he had all he needed. All those things he used to brag about now meant nothing to him," said Scudder.

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