Pope Francis is internet's top name of 2013

Pope Francis has reinvigorated the Catholic ChurchAP

Pope Francis has emerged as the Top Name of 2013 in the Global Language Monitor's 14th annual global survey of the English language. 

The Catholic Church has enjoyed something of a renaissance since Pope Francis came to the helm in March thanks to his down-to-earth, people-centred leadership style.

Some unexpected gestures - like unscheduled phone calls to ordinary people - and statements on what the Catholic Church should be focusing on mean he has barely been out of the headlines since his inauguration. 

The Pope is followed by former CIA employee Edward Snowden, who has been on the run since leaking classified information on surveillance programmes operated by the US, Britain and Israel to the press.

And with her stylish elegance and warm smile, not to mention becoming the mother to the future king, it's little wonder the Duchess of Cambridge is the third most talked about person of 2013. 

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