'Pokémon Z' release date: Which Pokémon will be the central figure?

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Nintendo has stayed uncharacteristically silent in terms of news related to this year's "Pokémon" game, leading many to believe that the company is opting to hold off on any major announcements until next year.

Still, even with a relative lack of official information when it comes to the new game from the franchise, which is believed to be "Pokémon Z," the rumor mill has not stopped turning.

This time around, speculation is now building around which Pokémon might find itself as the star of the latest installment.

One of the Pokémons reportedly in the running to get a leading role in the next game from the franchise is the flower Pokemon known as Floette. According to Nintendo World Report, it is the special form of this particular Pokémon, known as  Eternal Flower Floette, that could be featured in the upcoming game.

Speculation regarding this Pokémon possibly being the star of the next game grew to a fever pitch during the Pokemon World Championships when The Pokemon Company International Director of Consumer Marketing J.C. Smith said that fans can expect "flowers" to be prominently featued in the next game. Smith did not elaborate any further on his intentionally cryptic comment.

As for the other Pokémon who could be at the heart of "Pokemon Z," fans can reportedly expect to learn more about the creature known as Zygarde.

According to Lazygamer, the legendaryPokémon known as Zygarde has been at the heart of a lot of things Nintendo has been doing with the franchise recently.

Aside from apparent leaks of the new game indicating the presence of Zygarde, the latest "Pokémon" film is also reportedly expected to feature the legendary creature quite prominently.

For now, fans can only hope that official word from Nintendo about "Pokémon Z" is coming out soon.