'Pokémon GO' trading system update: Trading feature to be the next major update

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"Pokémon GO" has successfully become the go-to game for Pokémon lovers from all parts of the globe because of its augmented reality gameplay, and it's about to get a whole lot better because of the upcoming trading system and multiplayer battles that Niantic Labs has announced.

Both the trading and multiplayer battle feature has been highly anticipated by "Pokémon GO" users worldwide. Even though there were no official confirmations about these features before, certain reports today are hinting that these features could be released soon.

One thing that officially confirms the addition of the trading system for "Pokémon GO" is the features' inclusion in the game's Terms of Service (TOS). The trading rules listed in the TOS suggests that players could trade items but could not use a third party trading app since trading is only allowed at the official "Pokémon Go" marketplace. What's more is that the trading system will strictly prohibit the use of any form of cash for trading, and lastly, both Pokémon creatures and other items in the game can be traded.

The TOS was written long before news spread about "Pokémon GO's" trading system, which means Niantic has intended for the game to contain this feature all this time. What's more is that Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke even hinted in the latest recode decode podcast that Niantic is currently planning to release the trading feature next.

Hanke even noted that it's "just the tip of an iceberg" during the recent TechCrunch Disrupt event, adding that multiplayer battles is a feature that they "talk a lot about," and is "something that will make its way onto our roadmap," he said.

Even though there is no official word yet about the trading system's release, news about how the trading system will work has been released by the Pokémon Go Hub. The Pokémon Go Hub team has delved into the recent code dump of the "Pokémon Go" 0.37.1 APK, finding that several hints on how the trade system will work.

One thing the Pokémon Go Hub team found out is that the trading system will allow gamers to search for other trading players, which suggests that they need not be friends with other traders in order to complete a transaction. Players will also be able to create, cancel and complete trade offers. Unfortunately, players will only be allowed to deal Pokémon creatures for now.