'Pokémon GO' news, update: Gen 2 update to add 100 Pokémon, more features in December?

A passenger plays "Pokémon GO" inside a bus in Hong Kong, China, Aug. 12, 2016.Reuters/Tyrone Siu

Rumor has it that Niantic Labs is preparing a massive update for "Pokémon GO" this December in an effort to bring back the millions of players that have abandoned the game.

The December update is rumored to be the long-awaited Gen 2 update that will add 100 Pokémon to the game's roster, in addition to new gameplay features.

The Silph Road has provided details of the new Pokemon coming to "Pokémon GO" via the purported December update.

It would appear that they were already added in the game behind closed doors, but it will not be accessible until the update officially drops.

Other than a hundred new pocket monsters running around the augmented reality world of "Pokémon GO," Niantic also reportedly intends to improve the gameplay experience with the update.

It is believed that the studio will introduce player-vs.-players battles as well as player trading in "Pokémon GO." Players will also have to employ new techniques in training their Pokemon.

"We've said in the past that trading is coming, and player-versus-player battling is something that we talk a lot about internally, and I think it very much is within the spirit of Pokémon Go," Niantic CEO Jon Hanke told Recode back in September. "So it's possible you'll see that as well," he went on to say.

Niantic is expected to unleash all that to "Pokémon GO" in December, which would be a perfect gift to players for the holidays and an appropriate way to start a brand new year.

Just recently, Niantic added Ditto to the mix for its Thanksgiving celebration. He is one of the most requested original Pokemon and now, players will be able to finally get one.

Ditto's specialty is mimicking the appearance and the fighting style of its opponent, so players are encouraged to catch as many Pokemon as possible as one could be Ditto in disguise.

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