Pokémon Go rumors: more Ash hats and new Gym mechanics?

Pokémon Go players will have more things to enjoy when new updates arrive.Reuters

An accidental leak revealed Niantic's next "Pokémon Go" event, which will commemorate 20 years of all things Pokémon, news reports say.

Japanese cinema chain TOHO has released a short new marketing video featuring the series' iconic electric Pokémon, Pikachu, the Daily Star reports. In the video, Pikachu approaches a PokéStop, taps it, then from it flow various items including several standard Pokéballs, the TOHO logo, and Ash's hat.

The news outlet speculates that this reveal might mean Niantic might increase the number of encounters with Ash-hat wearing Pikachus.

There are six different hats available for players of "Pokémon Sun" and "Pokémon Moon:" the original hat that Ash wore, and hats for Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, and Alola regions. Players can acquire these by pre-ordering tickets for the 20th Pokémon movie that will be shown in July, the Express notes.

If Niantic follows this trend, it would mean that Pokémon Go players will get the opportunity to catch six different Pikachus in addition to the standard non-hat-wearing one.

Also, although it's less likely to happen, the Daily Star speculates that Niantic might add a "limited edition hat" for players to add to their respective avatars.

This comes as a precursor to Pokémon's 20th year anniversary, coming in a few weeks' time.

TOHO itself says it has entered into an agreement to collaborate with Niantic for Pokémon Go. Through this agreement, all TOHO cinemas will appear as in-game PokéStops. 


If Pokémon Go will indeed have six new Ash-hat-wearing Pikachus in the game, the Pokémon Go++ spoofers will easily catch them, and also receive Ash hats from PokéStops, without even leaving home. Thankfully, an upcoming update will balance the game by taking the hack out.

By doing this, Niantic will help players walk more and get healthier – all the more as Legendary Pokémon are arriving this year, and so expect a lot of walking and going around.

An upcoming update might also include changes in Gym mechanics. The good guys at the Pokémon Go Hub say that Niantic might introduce a Combat Power rebalance, and some Team play mechanics, including Team Territories and Team Objectives. Should Niantic develop this, players will soon get to enjoy great PVP.

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