'Pokemon' trading card game news: New 'Burning Shadows' expansion pack includes 12 new GX cards

YouTube/The Official Pokemon YouTube ChannelMarshadow in the "Pokemon TCG: Sun and Moon Burning Shadows" trailer

The latest expansion pack for the Pokemon trading card game was released last week and for those who still have not gotten their hands on it, there are a number of exciting cards to collect. 

The Pokemon trading card game, or TCG, often comes out with a new expansion pack every three months. This time, the expansion pack is called "Burning Shadows," and it features over 140 new cards to the Sun and Moon series of the trading card game. Among those 140 new cards are 12 new GX cards with two themed decks to make it easy for new players to be able to get into the game right away. 

Some of the new GX cards are the Gardevoir-GX, which comes with 230 HP, meaning that it will not get beaten easily with a single attack. It does, however, have a normal attack called Infinite Force, which does 30 damage times the number of energy that is attached to the active Pokemon. There is also the Necrozma-GX, which is a card made to counter the popular decks, and then there are the Tapu-Fini-GX, Salazzle-GX, and the Golisopod-GX cards. 

From the two themed decks, one stars Alolan Ninetales, and the other themed deck stars Lycanroc on the covers. 

There are promotions that are currently being held to celebrate the launch of this particular expansion pack. In the United Kingdom, those who have a copy of "Pokemon Sun" or "Pokemon Moon" and the "Burning Shadows" expansion pack can bring their Nintendo 3DS to GAME stores starting Aug. 18. They will get a level 50 Salazzle in honor of Salazzle-GX's debut. 

For residents in the United States, players can also get Salazzle at GameStop from Aug. 4 to Sept. 4. At Toys"R"Us, those who purchase the expansion pack can get a Stufful promo card starting Aug. 4.