'Pokemon Go' and 'Pokemon Z' to release next month?

Legendary Pokémon Zygarde, the rumored star of Pokémon ZNintendo

"Pokemon" fans continue to wait eagerly for an official announcement of the upcoming mobile AR version of the popular action game "Pokemon Z."

A report by Movie Pilot previously claimed that "Pokemon Go" and "Pokemon Z" would not be launched in time for last year's Christmas holiday due to "Pokemon Go" still undergoing beta testing phases at that time. Given the time that has passed since that report, it is believed that beta testing could be closing its completion time. Current conjectures place the estimate of the launch of the game by sometime this year.

According to MNR Daily News, fans could be looking forward to February for a launch period for the upcoming "Pokemon" games. However, this all depends on whether The Pokemon Company will release an official statement on the game launch in the upcoming days. However, reports indicate that the "Z" title has already been included in the internal magazine released by Pokemon Company meaning that it coulc be coming anytime soon.

Crossmap indicates that both "Pokemon Go" and "Pokemon Z" could be launched at the same time. There are also rumours that "Pokemon Z" will include "Go" as a freebie to the augmented reality video game.

The upcoming game update from Pokemon Company will include Zygarde, a legendary Pokemon character that gathers up cells in order to evolve. Zygarde was first shown in "Pokemon X" and "Pokemon Y "

"Pokemon Z" is set to innovate the way the hit game is played as it introduces augmented reality by requiring players to roam around the real world to search for Pokemon to capture. "Pokemon Go" will be a simplified version meaning it will introduce the latest gameplay without the augmented reality.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Pokemon, and more surprises should be in store for fans of the franchise.