'Pokémon GO' gameplay news: Leak reveals first Legendary Pokémon?

Facebook/Pokémon GOA promotional photo for "Pokémon GO"

"Pokémon GO" launched just over a year ago and since then has evolved into what it is today. More features will be added to the game and one such feature is the anticipated "Legendary Pokémon" as hinted by a leak.

News broke out that a leak occurred when the first Legendary Pokémon appeared in a banner ad of the Indian App Store. Along with it was also the mention of the "Special Pikachu With Hat" which was known previously. The banner ad also appeared in the Singapore App Store, according to a fan on Reddit. However, it was removed upon further checking.

Banner artwork is provided by developers but it is Apple themselves that provide the text. Therefore, someone at Apple could have accidentally released the banner ad strongly suggesting that Legendary Pokémon are coming soon to "Pokémon GO."

In a recent report, data mining showed that Legendary raid eggs do exist and that there are also special Lugia medals created as rewards for the Legendary Pokémon that will be caught.

"Pokémon GO" launched on July 6, 2016, to worldwide fan excitement. The first-anniversary in-game event started on July 6 and will run until July 24. Players will have the opportunity to catch special Pikachus donning Ash Ketchum's famous hat from the "Pokémon" TV show. They will also have the chance to get an anniversary box with discounted goodies. Coinciding with the in-game event, there will be a special celebration called the "Pokémon GO" Fest happening in Chicago on July 22.

With the banner ad leak, Legendary eggs' existence and the upcoming Chicago event, fans are speculating that the Legendary Pokémon might make their debut at the said "Pokémon GO" Fest.

The reveal of Legendary Pokémon might appease fans since they were not all too pleased with the underwhelming first-anniversary announcements made on July 6. Fans were expecting more raid passes, incubator discounts, double experience point (XP) or double "stardust," and tons of other freebies in the anniversary box.

The community will have to wait and see if the Legendary Pokémon will indeed be revealed at the "Pokémon GO" Fest.