'Pokemon Go' celebrates anniversary with special event

Twitter/PokemonGoApp"Pokemon Go" celebrates its birthday with Pikachu wearing Ash's iconic hat.

As hugely popular "Pokemon Go" turns a year old this month, game developer Niantic launched a special event to celebrate with its fans. Players around the world will be enjoying big discounts and rare Pokemon, including special hat-wearing Pikachu.

The event was launched on July 6 and will run until July 24. During this time, all Pikachu encountered in the wild will be wearing Ash Ketchum's signature hat from the Pokemon anime. They will also keep the hat for good, like other special Pikachu, and would be a great addition to one's collection. Players will also be able to avail a special "Anniversary Box" from the in-game shop. This pack will give players many helpful items at a discounted rate.

Aside from Pikachu, players also have a chance to obtain Pichu wearing the same trademark hat from any 2 km egg hatched during the event period. Players who evolve the hat-waring Pikachu will also get Raichu wearing the iconic cap. Getting the trio is a must for any avid Pokemon collector.

The "Anniversary Box" will contain items that will help players during raids. It includes Max Revives, Raid Passes, Incubators, and Ultra Balls, which are normally not for sale. Getting the discounted package will save a player 280 PokeCoins, according to website IGN's price breakdown.

The in-game anniversary event is only one part of the festivities that "Pokemon Go" will be holding in celebration of its first birthday. An outdoor live event, "Pokemon Go Fest," is scheduled to take place at Chicago's Grant Park on July 22. Players who cannot attend the event in Chicago may participate in a global event to unlock special rewards. The developer has also revealed special "Safari Zone" events to be held in seven countries in Europe, according to Express.

"Pokemon Go" was launched in July 2016 to phenomenal success, garnering support from both avid "Pokemon" fans and casual gamers. The game is available for Android and iOS devices and is nearing a billion downloads.