PokeBank release date in US and UK: No word from Nintendo, but Japanese users access Pokemon Bank today

The highly anticipated Pokemon Bank service launched shortly on December 27, 2013, only to disappoint the legions of Pokemon fans when the service suddenly failed.

The cloud-based Pokemon X and Pokemon Y bank offers players to deposit their Pokemons, but fans have been left disappointed when Nintendo's eShop crashed due to unprecedented traffic from users around the world.

The unexpected number of users forced servers to crash, and Pokemon fans in the United States and Europe are still waiting for the service as Nintendo aims to fix the issue as soon as possible.

No release date for the Pokebank has been announced for the United States so far. According to MotoringCrunch, the Japanese Pokemon community were able to access the PokeBank today.

The lack of communication on Nintendo's part regarding the PokeBank release dates have angered fans in Western countries.

Meanwhile, Tumblr user Megapokemonxy advises users to prepare for the new service by following these instructions:

1. Prepare a box with the Pokemon You have Hacked (Only If you've used Poke-Gen) If you can't remember if they are hacked put them on another Box (13) until you could verify their authenticity. Transferring a hacked Pokemon will cause problems.

2. Delete Box with the Pokemon You have Hacked, release each hacked Pokemon. Don't try to transfer a Hacked Pokemon.

3. Each legit Pokemon in X and Y has a diamond signature in its summary. It is yet to be determined if legit Pokemon from Black/White will have a diamond signature in Poke Bank.

• Prepare a box or two with the non-shiny Pokémon you want to take in each game. (Black/White, Black 2/White 2)

• Prepare a box with only Shiny Pokemon -Be certain they are legit and not hacked.

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