Pokebank release date for US and UK Pokemon community outside of Japan may be announced today

Pokemon Bank, "Pokebank"

The re-launch date of the Pokemon Bank service, dubbed Pokebank, is expected to be announced by Nintendo today. According to the game developer support team, the games company is expected to announce the new release date today, although no official word has been given by Nintendo since the failed launch of Pokebank on December 27, 2013.

The Pokebank service, which lets users bring previous Pokeman versions to the latest Pokemon X & Y and allows players to deposit Pokemans, failed horribly when Nintendo's eShop crashed due to high traffic to its servers.

The eShop is reportedly fixed and Nintendo is still said to be testing out servers so the servers will not crash again at the time of relaunch.

Users in the US and UK are still waiting for any word from Nintendo regarding the relaunch date.

A bogus release date circulated Twitter recently, with one user tweeting that the Pokemon Bank will be released on February 29, 2014. This date does not exist, as the month of February this month is only 28 days long.

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