PlayStation Plus August 2016 free games set to include 'Yakuza 5,' 'Dead or Alive 5,' 'Bloodborne' and 'God of War 3'?

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PlayStation Plus members are once again anticipating Sony's free games for the month of August since July is almost over. In addition to "Yakuza 5," which was accidentally made available for download this month in Europe, fans are also expecting that "Dead or Alive," "Bloodborne" and "God of War 3" may also be made available for the subscribers.

Eurogamer initially spotted "Yakuza 5" among the games that can be downloaded from the PlayStation Plus free games list for the PlayStation 3. This was not supposed to happen, unless someone pressed the wrong button; it should have been "Fat Princess," as earlier announced. The problem did not last long and was immediately fixed within the following hour. Now, fans are expecting that "Yakuza 5" will be available this August much longer and also not limited to European subscribers.

The Bitbag also mentioned that PlayStation 4 players are hoping that "Resogun and Infamous: First Light," "Bloodborne" will be included on the free games list. "Gran Turismo 5" and "God of War 3" are meanwhile expected for the PlayStation 3.

"Silent Hill: Book of Memories " and "Dead or Alive 5 " would also be great additions to the PlayStation Plus library for the PlayStation Vita.

"The Evil Within" and "Resident Evil" are also some of the few games included on the wish list of subscribers. Other reports include triple A game such as "Battlefield 4." Some are also hoping for "Resident Evil HD," and "Red Dead Redemption," although it sounds impossible. A few more also want to see "Emily Wants to Play" and "Blade Ballet" on the list.

The free games that members have access to this July are "Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines" and "Prince of Persia: Revelation" for the PS Vita, "Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood" and "Fat Princess" for the PlayStation 3, and "Furi" and "Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell" for the PlayStation 4.

For the meantime, PlayStation Plus subscribers would have to sit down and wait since there are still a few more days before Sony makes the official announcement for the PlayStation Plus free games for the month of August.