PlayStation Plus April 2017 free games rumors: shooter/brawler game 'Drawn to Death' confirmed on list

We're into the second half of March and PlayStation Plus subscribers are already wondering what Sony will be offering as free games for the month of April 2017. 

The full reveal of the PlayStation Plus April 2017 free games is coming soon and for now, Sony has whet appetites by confirming the first game in the line-up.

Writing on the PlayStation blog, game director at The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, David Jaffe, confirmed that the first game players would be able to pick up for free is "Drawn to Death".

This highly original third-person shooter/fighter game plays out over a teen-style sketch book and the blog teases six playable fighters, "over-the-top" weapons and "the wildest taunts you've ever seen." 

Jaffe could hardly contain his excitement about the game being part of the PlayStation Plus free games list for April 2017, saying he hoped subscribers would help build an "unbelievable" community around the game. 

The game's been in development for three years now with new features still being added.  It will be available for free to all PlayStation Plus subscribers from April 4. 

The blog also revealed all the latest "Drawn to Death" features:

Sphinx Missions: there are eight battle-focused riddles to solve when you awake the Sphinx and for each one you can solve correctly, you get a new weapon or access to a new level.

Character-centric Missions: Each of the six launch characters has 15 action-packed missions for players to work their way through, where they can pick up costumes and rare Taunts along the way. If you get through all of them, there's a Volcano God waiting to do battle with.

Mystery Boxes: Players can also pick up Mystery Boxes for every three matches they play online.  These neat boxes are full of character taunts and creative character skins. If you manage 150 kills on the battlefield, you get yourself another Mystery Box. Sounds pretty cool to us! 

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