'Pitch Perfect 2' movie cast: Penn Masala to chosen to join film as musical rival of Barden Bellas

Penn Masala holding the autographed Barden Banner from cast of "Pitch Perfect."Dilip Rajan

Penn Masala is an all-male South Asian a cappella group, known for their exceptional singing skills. Now, the group is moving to the biggest stage of them all... Hollywood! "Pitch Perfect 2," sequel to "Pitch Perfect" handpicked Penn Masala to have a cameo appearance in the movie.

Penn Masala will play the role of musical rival to the Barden Bellas, the main stars of the movie. What an honor it must be as Penn Masala is the "only collegiate a capella group in the movie," says The Daily Pennsylvanian. Also, Penn Masala is one of the two real-world singing groups in the movie, next to Pentatonix.

"Pitch Perfect" is a movie revolving around Anna Kendrick's character Beca. She goes to Barden University and makes things interesting for the all-girl a cappella group called the Barden Bellas. At the end of the movie, Beca and the girls won the singing championship despite the tough competition. The sequel "Pitch Perfect 2" will also be presumably about the Barden Bellas trying to win another championship.

Director of "Pitch Perfect" Elizabeth Banks is the one who picked Penn Masala.

President of Penn Masala Dilip Rajan shared, "We all flew into Baton Rouge for a week this summer, where we filmed by night and mostly slept and hung out by day. The members of Penn Masala do not have any scripted lines in the movie, but Rajan stated that a few impromptu interactions were filmed."

Rajan also shared that fans can expect a "combination of English and Hindi music" but did not disclose any songs that his group will be performing in the movie. He also said that the group will perform "in a different way than our usual style."

"Right now, we're just grateful for the incredible opportunity we had. The impact [of being in the movie] on our group remains to be seen, but we're hoping that our family, friends and fans enjoy our performance in 'Pitch Perfect 2' when it comes out next May," said Rajan.

Aside from having a cameo in the film, Penn Masala also received a Barden University banner with autographs from the entire cast.

"Pitch Perfect 2" will hit theaters May 2015.