Piers Morgan defends being biologically male and masculine on International Men's Day

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Piers Morgan has used International Men's Day on Monday to defend maleness and masculinity against what he sees as an attack by radical feminists.

Writing in the Daily Mail, the Good Morning Britain host accused radical feminists of 'gleefully' hijacking the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements 'to serve their own man-hating purpose', and of turning the concept of masculinity into 'the most controversial, detestable word in the English lexicon'.

'But I fully accept that women have historically been treated unfairly in terms of equality, and that many women continue to be treated unfairly,' he wrote.

'I also fully accept that women have been subjected to far more harassment, sexual abuse and domestic violence than men.

That is where the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have performed a valuable public service in highlighting and exposing genuinely bad, unacceptable and in some cases criminal behaviour.

'In fact, I don't know any of my male friends who wouldn't agree with that.

'However, what I refuse to accept is that all masculinity is therefore now automatically a bad thing or that being a man is suddenly something to be ashamed about.

'Nor do I believe that most women actually want the kind of neutered, emasculated, papoose-clad, permanently apologising doormats that radical feminists are trying to make us become.

He also took a swipe at transgender activists who argue that gender is not defined by a person's biology at birth, claiming that defending maleness and biological gender identity were nowadays enough to attract 'all manner of global shame and ridicule'.

'I am a man,' he wrote. 'Yes, on International Men's Day 2018, I am hereby identifying as the biological sex that I was born to.

'This alone is enough to risk making me a social pariah these days, but that's not even the worst of it.

'I'm a man who's actually proud of being a man, and who also likes being MASCULINE.'

Morgan, a Catholic, said that in addition to radical feminists, there was the 'scourge of pathetic male virtue-signallers that urge them on.'

As an example, he said one of the responses to his tweet defending masculinity on International Men's Day came from a man who told him to die.

'Most people reacted in the way I would react if someone else had tweeted that – by laughing,' he said.

'Others weren't so amused, bombarding me with hateful abuse about my supposed "toxic masculinity".'