Philippines: Christians equip military nurses to heal body and spirit

Military nurses in the Philippines have been dispatched to military hospitals across the country to bring physical and spiritual healing to wounded soldiers.

A recent three-day Haggai Leadership for Evangelism seminar focused on motivating and equipping the 38 nurses for evangelism in their respective hospitals.

Seminar leader Eugene Guzon, National Director for Philippines Worldwide Church of God (WCG), reminded nurses that their main objective was to offer compassion as well as professional care to wounded soldiers.

Following the leadership principles of Jesus, Guzon encouraged the nurses to have a real desire for soldiers to get better and to help them maintain healthy lifestyles. This was only possible, he said, if nurses and soldiers learned to live purpose-driven lives.

He also introduced the concept of small groups as a means of reaching new people with the Gospel in a way that is relational and non-threatening.

Nurses were encouraged to become contemporary Florence Nightingales, caring for wounded soldiers with the same dedication as the 19th century nurse who went against the wishes of her family and the social mores of her time to serve soldiers in the Crimea War.

Guzon charged the nurses to be the instruments of God in communicating the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ. Any soldier who embraces the Good News will, he said, never fear death but rather be able to live life with optimism and courage.