Phil Robertson's nephew Zach Dasher: Political correctness has become the enemy

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There's a new Robertson on the scene but his passion is politics, not duck calls and reality TV. Zach Dasher, the nephew of Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, will be running for Congress in Louisiana's 5th Congressional District and while his calling in life may be slightly different from the rest of his clan, he's every bit as serious about God.

And the rest of his family is "110 per cent" behind his election bid, he tells ABCNews.

Likewise, Dasher seems to be 110 per cent behind his wider family, taking the lighthearted approach when asked about his uncle's infamous comments on homosexuality last December – comments that got him temporarily suspended from his own reality show before a successful petition got him reinstated.

Other family members at the time were quick to defend the principle expressed in Robertson's comments, while also being somewhat apologetic about the tone.

Dasher's answer in the ABC interview suggests he shares the same 'he is what he is' acceptance of Uncle Phil that the rest of the family feel.


He's certainly on the same page as the rest of the Robertson family on the subject of sexuality, but his comments suggest he doesn't want the issue to become the crux of his campaign.

"[Phil] created quite the controversy! You know, I believe in traditional marriage and that is going to be part of my platform and I'll leave it at that," he told ABC.

And, like the rest of the clan, he's not hot on political correctness.

"I would say that political correctness has become the enemy because it shut down the intellectual discussion," he said.

"It's the intolerance of tolerance. And I'm going to attempt in every way to avoid being politically correct and just tell the truth."

He's also been upfront about the fact he's going to make God and faith a prominent part of his politics.

Why's that?

"Because if there is no God, who is the determiner of human rights and the value of human life?" he says.

"If there is no god, then man is the determiner of all things. Now which man is that? Well it happens to be the one with the biggest stick, which usually ends up being government because they have tanks and air force and they have an army.

"So I think it's scary if we put the power of determining human rights in the hands of the ruling class. So we need to return to the natural law."

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