Persecuted church inspires faith among young Christians

Open Doors and Youth for Christ have teamed up to create an exciting new resource for youth groups.

My Heart Bleeds looks at the plight of persecuted Christians around the world and the valuable lessons that can be learned about staying in faith through tough times.

The resource is broken down into six lifestyle sessions looking at what it means to follow Jesus through the inspiring lens of the persecuted church.

Topics cover suffering and injustice, prayer, sacrifice and perseverence.

The resource, available for a donation of £10, contains teaching material, activity discussion ideas, games and film clips for use with each session theme.

National Director of Youth for Christ, Gavin Calver said: "This is a deeply challenging resource that will have a huge impact on young people throughout Britain.

"I would strongly encourage every youth group to use it. You and your young people will never be the same again."

Jonny Goodchild, Open Doors youth spokesman, said: "My Heart Bleeds is a way of taking seriously our responsibility to stand with the suffering. There is so much that we can learn when looking from the perspective of our persecuted family."

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