Paul Baloche helps fans dig deeper

Paul Baloche is set to release a new book of devotions to accompany his latest album, The Same Love.

The album, his twelfth, came out earlier this year and now, to help fans gain some deeper insight from the music, Paul will be releasing The Same Love: A Devotion on 1 October.

While each song is inspired, Paul feels there's more to say.

“Songwriting is a big part of my spiritual life,” Baloche shares. “It helps me go deeper with God. It helps me fix my mind on Jesus, to set my mind on things above. It keeps my own heart fresh and alive, for myself, my family and the church."

Paul's always aware that his songs are giving the church a vocabulary to praise God with.

He continues: “I try to be mindful that I’m putting words into the mouths of God’s people.

“And when they sing those words, hopefully it will act as a catalyst in their heart, so something will happen in them. Because when we sing, it goes down deep into our soul.”

The book is a helpful collection of thoughts and prayers that complements the lyrics and message of all the songs on The Same Love album.

It was Mark 5 and the miracles of healing of a sick woman and raising a synagogue leader's daughter from death that captivated Paul and inspired the album title and lead track of the same name.

Going through this passage of scripture, Baloche compels the reader to apply the story personally.

“The same love that spread the heavens wide and was crucified and raised Jairus’ little girl and sent a woman back into her new life is calling to you today,” relays Baloche in the book.

“Your situation and circumstances will be unique to you because you are unique. Maybe the same love is challenging you to live what you believe….maybe that same love is simply calling your name to remind you of your worth in God’s eyes. Different times, different stories, different needs, but a love that is the same yesterday, today, and forever calling, ‘Come to me now.’”

Paul is getting ready for an international tour later in the year that will take him to Britain and Ireland.

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