'Pathologic 2' gameplay news: Developers share in-depth update

It has been almost 13 years since original horror-game "Pathologic" came out. The game itself was quite unique from most other horror games of that time. Now that developer Ice-Pick Lodge has the resources, they have been making a second title and have recently shared a lot of updates on its gameplay.

"Pathologic 1" had some guns and shooting. The same goes for "Pathologic 2," but this would be featured less as the developers focused more on being able to cure the patients. That said, a lot of improvements were made with the autopsy system. They implemented an "autopsy interface" where players can generally make some possibly changers or surgeries.

The players' inventory has also been changed. It is actually quite similar to other games where the inventory is a grid with each item needing a number of spaces. Some grids are separated as well, implying that these are the compartments of a bag. Players will likely need to manage their inventory space given this kind of inventory feature.

The game actually has an open-world setting, but players will generally find themselves in towns with presumably dark themes due to the plague. Towns have been made for the game, but just as the update suggested, there are still a lot of refinements to be made. That said, the main framework of the game is already there.

They teased as well that there would be sort of "burnt-out" districts that were originally containment areas for the plague. Ice-Pick Lodge placed emphasis on their efforts in giving the feel of the environment. After all, this is what contributes the most to a horror game. Fans can check the update themselves on the Ice-Pick Lodge website.

Despite the seemingly many features to work on, most of it will possibly be just refinements. That said, the game should still make its release within 2018.