'Patapon 2' news: Game to get a full remaster for the PlayStation 4

Rhythm-action game "Patapon" has been one of the popular casual games on the PlayStation Portable (PSP). Since the PSP is a relatively old platform, Sony has remastered the first game of the trilogy series. Recently, they have announced that they are remastering the second game for the PlayStation 4 as well.

The exciting announcement was made through Sony's official PlayStation Blog. The remastered "Patapon 2" has no exact release date yet, but it will surely be unveiled within 2018. When the game comes out, it will feature 4K support for those with the PS4 Pro, as per IGN. Additionally, it will not just be featuring the same content.

The remastered game would have new mini-games, new Patapon types and updated Patapon evolutions, and a total of eight total possible drum rhythms. To create a more personalized experience, the game even allows players to create their own Patapon hero, which they can power up and evolve to lead their troops in their missions. Of course, their customized hero would have the mask signifying his hero status.

"Patapon 2" follows the events of the Zigaton tribe who was unfortunately separated from their fellow Zigaton compatriots. The tribe then must make their way through enemies and boss monsters to find Earthend. Two new tribes, the Karmen and Akumapon, await the player to stop them in their journey.

The first "Patapon" game got its own remastered version with the 4K support last August 1. Fans waiting for the remastered "Patapon 2" may be able to estimate the game's release to be around the same release date as the first game. However, with Sony also preparing for a remastered version of PS1 classic "MediEvil," it may take more time for the release.

With both the first two games of the "Patapon" series getting remasters, it may be safe to assume that Sony will be making a remaster for the "Patapon 3" as well. As there is no official news about it yet, fans can wait later next year for confirmation.