Pat Robertson: Compassion, yes, but from policy standpoint, truth is 'evil people have infiltrated the refugee hordes'

(CBN)Evangelist Pat Robertson says he’s a very compassionate person ‘by nature,’ but ‘the country has got to be vigilant’ concerning the Syrian refugees issue.

What would Jesus Christ do about the Syrian refugees wanting to resettle in America amid fears that terrorists could be hiding among their ranks? This was a questioned posed by a concerned viewer to Christian preacher Pat Robertson on Thursday during his show "The 700 Club."

"With the horrible, ongoing ISIS attacks, I was wondering what Jesus would say about letting Syrian refugees into America," a viewer named Heather asked Robertson. "Is it more important to protect our country from evil or to try to save those who do not know Him?"

Robertson then explained first that he is a very compassionate person "by nature," according to Raw Story.

"If I see persons fleeing oppression, I would say let's put our arms around them and help them. That's my own personal (opinion)," the televangelist said. "But from a policy standpoint, the truth is these evil people have infiltrated the refugee hordes."

Robertson clarified that the refugee crisis has changed drastically in light of the terror attacks in Paris. To avoid any "mayhem" like the one that happened in Paris, he said Americans must be careful at all times.

"I do think the country has got to be vigilant," he suggested. "But my heart — you asked me — my heart is to help the poor. And if I saw a family was fleeing the oppression and the war in Syria, I would open my heart and say let's take them in. But policy makers may disagree."

Meanwhile, another viewer named Richard asked Robertson if it would be wrong to use the phrase "Holy smokes!" Robertson said it's really hard to answer since a lot of people take for granted the words they use, such as "gosh" or "golly," which he said comes from "God." He then suggested that it would be better for people to exercise caution in their speech.