Pastor tells Christians: Halloween a 'celebration of evil'— don't observe it

Christians should take no part in celebrating Halloween because the holiday brings disdain to Jesus Christ, says Pastor Jamie Morgan.(Wikipedia)

Life Church Pastor Jamie Morgan strongly believes that Christians should not celebrate Halloween because a day that "celebrates" death, violence and fear goes against everything God stands up for—life, peace and light.

Morgan laments that many Christians actually celebrate Halloween. She has seen some churches promoting Halloween-inspired events such as a Zombie Run.

In an article written for Charisma News, Morgan says she actually used to celebrate Halloween with her family, too. When she was a brand-new believer, she allowed her son to go trick-or-treating since she did not see the harm in it. After all, if other Christians were doing it, where is the harm?

But Morgan says Christians could not be more wrong in that assumption. "As I grew closer to the Lord and gained more knowledge of His Word, I began to feel convicted about Halloween," she says. "God is a God of life, but Halloween focuses on death. Should I celebrate a holiday where people decorate their front yards with tombstones?"

The Bible verse Romans 13:12 tells people to put away deeds of darkness. But Halloween is all about celebrating darkness. During Halloween, kids are even encouraged to scare one another to be able to get treats. Morgan reasons that fear only comes from the enemy.

"Halloween is a sacred, high holiday for Wiccans (the official religion of witchcraft). Is this a holiday Christians should celebrate alongside Wiccans?" she asks. "Is it cute when we dress our kids like the devil, or witches, ghouls, and scary characters? Isn't it, well, demonic?"

Even if parents dress their kids up in wholesome costume such as a policeman or fireman, the Bible verse Romans 16:19 encourages Christians to be wise in doing what is good and not what is evil.

"If I let him participate in Halloween, even while dressed as a fireman, aren't I sending him a mixed message by allowing him to participate in a celebration of evil?" Morgan argues.

Lastly, Morgan says Halloween does not glorify God. That reason in itself is a good enough reason for Christians to stop participating in the holiday's celebrations.

"A Christian celebrating Halloween would be like a Satan worshiper putting up a nativity scene at Christmas while singing, 'Happy Birthday, Jesus!' The two just don't go together. Jesus has nothing in common with Satan (2 Cor. 6:14), and neither should we," she says.