Pastor Saeed Abedini says God is 'always close to the oppressed'

Pastor Saeed Abedini recalls his time in prison during the #FreeIran Grand Gathering 2016 in Paris.(YouTube Screenshot/#FreeIran Grand Gathering 2016)

Pastor Saeed Abedini, who was imprisoned in Iran for over three years because of his Christian faith, spoke before hundreds of thousands of people in Paris at the National Council of Resistance of Iran rally last Saturday, telling them that the "resurrection of the Iranian people" is coming soon, just as long as they remain committed in Jesus Christ, according to The Christian Post.

Abedini said he is a living proof that "each act of resistance [for God] will be a victory, since "the message of God in the Bible says that we should resist in the face of tyranny."

To give comfort for those who are currently facing tyranny, Abedini assured them that God is "always close to the oppressed."

"Whoever opens his heart, he will be His friend. The message of the gospel is the message of the love of God. He sent His Son to earth, and whoever is faithful, will have eternal life," he said. "We will soon see this rebellion in our country, in our hearts, and in our world, because Jesus Christ is bringing this message. The resurrection of the Iranian people shall arrive very soon."

The pastor then recalled his time in prison, where he was told, "For you it's the end, you will never get out of this prison." It almost seemed like the threat would materialise, but Abedini knew in his heart that "evil will never win."

Abedini did not waste his time in prison, because he would often read passages from the Bible to his prison guards. Sometimes, his fellow inmates would join in his Bible reading, too. Even though he and other prisoners came from different walks of life and backgrounds, Abedini said they shared a sense of unity and common understanding.

"The Iranian people are much more modern and ahead of [their] leaders. The people should be able to choose their friends, their religion, and it's time to stop the slogans against America and Israel. We love them both," he said.