Pastor Mike Wilkerson resigns from Mark Driscoll's Mars Hill megachurch

Mars Hill Church faced plagiarism controversy, high staff turnover.

Pastor Mark Driscoll

Mike Wilkerson, senior pastor at Mars Hill, abruptly announced his resignation this week, and he plans to leave the state on May 3.

Pastor Scott Harris announced Wilkerson's departure and moving plans in a letter to church members last weekend.

"One of our long time friends and pastors, Mike Wilkerson, has decided to step down from eldership at Mars Hill," Harris wrote.

"Since he just got back from Latvia and plans to move out of state this coming Saturday, this was the only time we had to do it but are thankful we got the opportunity."

Wilkerson was the Biblical Living Pastor at Mars Hill. He has not released a statement regarding his resignation.

Mars Hill Church is led by Pastor Mark Driscoll and has over a dozen locations across the western United States. Nearly 15,000 people attend their services every week.

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