Pastor Saeed Abedini accuses ministries in U.S. of seeking profit instead of God

Pastor Saeed Abedini says, 'Competition is a way of business in churches and ministries everywhere.'(Facebook/Saeed Abedini)

Pastor Saeed Abedini, who was imprisoned in Iran for over three years because of his Christian faith, criticsed ministries in the U.S. for valuing profit more than God nowadays.

"The Bible tells us that some have served other masters their whole life. It can be parents, your business, your boss, your church, your pastors or a ministry. It can even be your country, like someone who commits themselves to some politicians," he writes on his Facebook page. "I have seen many people who have masters in any or all these areas of life. Why? The Bible tells us it is for PROFIT."

Abedini adds that people get famous from profit, and many lose their fame because of it, too. At the same time, ministries exist for it and get destroyed by it. Even in churches and ministries, the desire for profit is incredible and that competition is a way of business, Abedini says.

"We see people speak positive or negative about something or someone to PROFIT everywhere and all the time," he continues. "Some people are ready to sell themselves to achieve attention and for the profit that comes after it."

Abedini says he is amazed how Satan came to steal, kill and destroy America. In the past few years alone, Satan managed to remove Bible and prayer from public schools. He also made abortion and same-sex marriage legal. Even restrooms are available "against nature and the way God created us to be," he writes.

"Now we are saying preachers who preach the gospel, who let people know that all of humanity are sinners, are preaching hate," he says. "We are destroying what our country and troops did for years, by sacrificing souls in the Middle East. We are losing our leadership with the Middle East and creating a vacuum for occupation by ISIS and the powerful empire of Persia," referring to the former name of Iran.

Abedini says it's time for people to submit themselves to God and open their eyes to the evil that is occurring.