Pastor Refuses to Resign Despite Multiple Sex Tapes Surfacing

(Screenshot/Fox 26 video)Pastor Hosea Stubblefield of Salem Missionary Baptist Church speaks to an unseen Fox 26 reporter in Houston, Texas.

An American pastor admitted making multiple sex tapes with multiple women after his "personal preference," as he called what he had been doing for years, was uncovered.

Yet despite his own admission, despite the uproar created after one of his victims spoke out, despite the call of the church's head deacon for him to leave the church, Hosea Stubblefield, a 32-year-old recently divorced Baptist pastor, still refuses to resign his post at the Salem Missionary Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, The Christian Post reported.

Stubblefield was forced to admit his "past mistake," as he called his scandalous behavior, before his congregation after clips from some of the tapes he made were posted on a blog by a woman identified as B. Coll.

In her blog, B. Coll alleges that she and the pastor had an affair that she ended after he asked her to make a sex tape with him for the last time last September.

The woman said she broke up with him after discovering the other sex tapes he made with other women.

"I was beyond shocked. Sick to my stomach. And embarrassed. Here I am thinking I'm the only woman he's dealing with in a physical capacity and how dumb of me to believe that!" B. Coll wrote.

"He gets up on Sundays and preach against EVERY sin he's committing in these videos. He is leading his congregation straight to Hell and they don't even know it," she added.

Speaking to Fox 26, Stubblefield said he has been a preacher for more than 12 years. Although he admitted making the sex tapes, he claimed that none of them were made during his time as pastor.

He apologised for his behavior and called the tapes "a mistake."

Upon learning of the scandal, Craig Davis, the head deacon and trustee at the church whose daughter Stubblefield dated, told Fox 26 that he wants the pastor out of his church.

"Disgusting, I trusted and believed. I had been working with him for over a year before he became our pastor," Davis said. "I was sitting in different pastor sermons and it was just disgusting knowing I was betrayed."

Stubblefield, however, not only refuses to back down but also is pursuing criminal charges against the person who allegedly stole the sex videos from him. He also claims to be getting a lot of support from across the country.

Ironically, the pastor even warned others to be careful about their actions.

"Watch what you do today, 'cause it could come back and haunt you tomorrow. Just make sure you are as accountable as you can be for your actions at all times," he said.