Parent and toddler group leaders 'understimated', says charity

Care for the Family is running two national conferences this year to encourage parent and toddler group leaders in the work they do supporting families with young children.

"Parent and Toddler groups have a huge impact in communities the length and breadth of Britain which is often underestimated," says Naomi Buckler, Care for the Family's Playtime Project Manager.

Through two national conferences, Care for the Family is seeking to redress the balance and encourage group leaders in the vital community work their groups are doing.

"For parents adjusting to life with young children, toddler groups can literally be a lifeline," continues Ms Buckler. "They offer support, friendship, and advice. Becoming a parent can be a tough transition in life, and many parents say they couldn't manage it without the support of the group they attend."

About half of the UK's children attend a toddler group in the first few years of their life, and yet there are few resources available for group leaders, many of whom give their time voluntarily to run groups.

The Care for the Family's two Playtime National Conferences, being held in Weston-Super-Mare and Houghton-Le-Spring, aim to equip groups to be even more effective in encouraging parents, building relationships, and giving children a great start in life.

The conferences will focus on teaching group leaders how to deal with tricky issues, the best methods to engage with the surrounding community, and real-life, practical plans that have been road-tested by other group leaders.

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