Turkey to Unite Islam and the West

Jack Straw, the Government's Foreign Secretary, yesterday gave his full backing for Turkey's accession to the EU. Speaking in Copenhagen prior to a Brussels summit later this week, he said that showing a united front in bringing Turkey into the EU would help to combat terrorism. Mr Straw's reaction comes in response to Al-Qaeda's persistent assertion that Islam is at war with the West, and that the Coalition fight against terrorism is actually one against Islam. The Foreign Secretary believes that accepting Turkey's application would be a sign to the Islamic world that Al-Qaeda's claims are unfounded and incorrect.

"The battle is not between Christians and Muslims but between peace-loving people everywhere and terrorists,"says Mr Straw. He continued,"We must combat division by engaging with people of different faiths and origins". The Foreign Secretary also added that Turkey's submission to enter the EU must be treated without fear or favour. Jack Straw is one of the most senior members of the government and the only member of the present administration to have held more than one of the major offices of state.