Pakistan Karachi Jinnah International Airport under attack by armed militants with grenades - five dead

Dawn News/Twitter

Pakistan's Karachi Jinnah International Airport is currently under siege by terrorists who are heavily armed and have killed at least five people.

According to media reports, up to 10 gunmen armed with grenades managed to infiltrate the airport and stormed the Jinnah International Airport's old terminal. Five members of the Airpot Security Service (ASF) have been killed.

The gunmen reportedly hurled grenades at the ASF personnel and a fiery aircraft was reported.

All flights have been canceled due to the violence, and special army forces have been dispatched to the scene.

The airport is surrounded by security personnel and airport staff are being evacuated.

According to Dawn News, the gunmen infiltrated the airport from the Fokker Gate area, with some reports stating that they had cut through bar wire fencing to get in. The publication also reported that the gunmen managed to get inside a plane and that three aircraft had been damaged.

It is not known who is responsible for the terror attack, but suspicion has fallen on the Pakistani Taliban.

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