'Overwatch' Uprising event 2017 extended

After accidentally ending it, Blizzard announced the extension of "Overwatch" Uprising event.YouTube/PlayOverwatch

The "Overwatch" Uprising event came with a lot of interesting stuff. There were new arcade games and, more importantly, special items like skins arrived. This is why when Blizzard announced the event's extension, most fans jumped in joy.

In the official forum site of Blizzard, the studio announced that the said "Overwatch" event is not yet over. It is worth noting, however, that before this, the event had actually ended. The video game company clarified that it was never meant to happen, that its conclusion was merely an accident.

"The mission ain't over yet," the community manger Lylirra announced in the forum site. Apparently, this is not the first time that such mistake occurred. That is because the Halloween event also experienced such. Obviously, the community is not entirely happy with what is happening.

With Blizzard enabling the "Overwatch" Uprising event, players now have the chance to once again unlock the Loot Boxes designed for it. As a way to make up for the inconvenience, the studio opted to add extra hours, as reported by Polygon. Reactivating the event took hours to complete, though.

The aforesaid "Overwatch" event became one of the most loved season events in the game's history. The campaign brings players back to the day when some, if not most, of the popular heroes are still young. It revolves around Omnic's sudden rise in conflict, bringing terror to every city in the world. To stop the impending evil, the heroes have to take the matter into their hands.

There is no official announcement yet as to what exactly the next event will be. There are those who believe Blizzard will unleash one come summer. While this can be true (given the event announced in last year's summer), it remains vague as to what sort of things the developers will introduce this time. Well, players, for now, will have to keep looking forward to.