'Overgrowth' news: Game about martial artist rabbits gets a beta version story mode

Steam/OvergrowthPromotional photo for "Overgrowth," as it inches into an eventual release after nine years of development.

After nine years in development limbo, "Overgrowth," a third-person action video game about ninja rabbits, is finally nearly done from its beta version.

Developer and publisher Wolfire Games has just introduced a story mode to the game, and while it is still in its beta version, a proper release is already expected to be nearby. Turner, the game's protagonist, can now get brutally killed with spikes, as the recent update for the beta version of the game emphasizes gore. Other changes for the latest beta version also includes more distinct designs for other animals; cats in the game will also now be able to use smaller weapons fit for their size.

A tutorial has also been finally added to the game, which is a godsend for many players, as the game is reported to have a high skill ceiling and a steep learning curve.

More importantly, those that have been trying out the beta version of the game since it began will now be able to see the game in true fullscreen and windowed-fullscreen video options. Numerous bug fixes, gameplay additions, and user-interface tweaks are also present, making the update one of the most significant changes in the history of "Overgrowth's" development.

"Overgrowth" for those who have forgotten it or are unfamiliar with it, is a 3D third-person action-adventure game where players step into the shoes, or in this case, paws, of Turner as he fights to protect the island of Lugaru from slavers. Players will get to utilize Turner's kung fu moves in a game where hand-to-hand combat requires precision and quick reflexes and often results in the bloody deaths of his enemies.

Players will also be able to fight against giant rabbits, bipedal wolves, rats, cats, and other omnivorous mammals sans humans. Since Turner is a rabbit, he can also leap and climb through obstacles and gaps with ease, as well as do parkour to traverse the game environment.

Players who paid for the early access or beta version of the game will be able to get the full game upon release without any additional payments. However, there is still no set release date available for the game at the moment, so eager patrons may have to wait for further developer announcements.