'Outlast 2' gameplay, news: Game to use player's fears to inflict horror

Red Barrels potentially has a masterpiece in their hands as they have created a new horrifying sequel to the horror/adventure game "Outlast," with "Outlast 2." After launching a playable demo in October, fans have more than enough reason to be mortified and excited at the same time for the game's release.

"Outlast 2's" story differs from that of its predecessor in terms of characters and environment. In the sequel, the player assumes the character of Blake Langermann, a cameraman working with his wife, Lynn. Just like the previous title, Langermann is an investigative journalist following a trail of clues leading that started with an unnamed pregnant woman's unbelievable murder. The plot leads the player to the vast Arizona desert where the horror begins.

According to Game N' Guide, the reactions coming from players who tried the playable demo pointed to another huge success for developer Red Barrels. The game didn't rely too much on shock factor, rather immersed the gamer in an environment that plays mind tricks, making one's imagination his own enemy. This was, after all, the goal of the developer which paid off basing from the feedback.

Playstation Lifestyle was able to interview Red Barrels president Philippe Morin about "Outlast 2" and what avid fans can expect when it finally launches.

When asked what improvements were made for "Outlast 2" given the feedback for its predecessor, Morin said: "A much longer experience, at least 30 percent longer. It has a wider variety of environments and setup. The story is a lot more complex. We still have the visceral, in your face kind of horror, but this time we also want to mess with the player's mind."

The Outlast experience dwells on the player's vulnerability in a situation like no other, and it has produced rave reviews from critics. The success of the first installment was seen in over four million units sold, which can be higher with the sequel, considering the hype and improvement done on it.

There is no specific date yet for the game's release, but it should be during the first quarter of 2017.