Orange is the New Black season 2 release date 2014: Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon dish on success of show

The filming continues for Netflix's original comedy drama "Orange is the New Black" and cast members have been busy with interviews and updating fans with photos from the set of season 2.

Taylor Schilling plays Piper Chapman, the main character in the series from an upper-class upbringing who is sent to 15 months in prison for carrying a suitcase full of drug money years ago for then-girlfriend Alex Vaus, played by Lauren Prepon.

OITNB is now officially more popular than Kevin Spacey's multiple Emmy-nominated "House of Card".

Schilling recently spoke to Access Hollywood about the success of the drama series.

"I kind of feel like I'm awake in a dream to be doing this kind of work, and this kind of work, reaching this many people, you know? Like a story that I think is really important and characters that I think we're ready to really ingest."

The 29-year-old actress said she is "having so much fun" with the show's success, which is currently filming for season 2.

Meanwhile, Laura Prepon, who plays the role of Chapman's past lover, dished to TV Guide about her character. "When the show first starts, you think that ... Alex is this evil person," she said. "And then as the show progresses .... you start to see that Alex — at the end of the day, yes, she's a drug dealer — but you see that she's a vulnerable person and she has really intense feelings and love for [Piper]." She also talks about the development of Chapman's character. "And you start to see that Piper is actually a very manipulative person, and she's not this cookie-cutter homemaker that everyone thinks she is. She's actually not a good person. When you're in prison and we're left to our own devices, you're stripped of everything and you really get to see who these people are, the good and the bad. That's one thing that's really cool about the show. I think the arcs of all the characters are really awesome. They're real."

Prepon also discussed the show's success with TV Guide. "It's pretty cool. Honestly, whenever you're doing a project, you never know how it's going to be received, but I knew when I was actually shooting it that it was definitely something special. I don't think any of us really knew how big it was going to be, but it's pretty amazing. It just totally validates what an awesome project it is."

Prepon, 33, said all the women she works with on the set are "awesome" and that they don't let the expectations sparked from the success of season 1 affect their work. "You don't fix what's not broken," she said.

Season 2 of the wildly popular prison drama series is currently in production and is expected to release in 2014.

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