'Orange Is the New Black' news: Taryn Manning and Adrienne Moore talk season 5 and 6

Facebook/OITNBA promotional photo for Netflix series, "Orange Is the New Black."

Hollywood star Taryn Manning, who plays Tiffany, recently admitted that "Orange Is the New Black" season filming was rough. Meanwhile, actress Adrienne C. Moore, who plays Cindy, dropped details about the upcoming sixth installment, revealing that not all of the characters might make it to the new season.

Judging from the finale of the fifth season, it cannot be denied that it was chaotic. The filming of the three-day riot was difficult, both onscreen and off-screen. Manning opened up about how the production felt "unorganized" and "rough."

The 38-year-old American star told Digital Spy, "I know working on that season was rough because it was supposed to take place in three days, and it felt unorganized, and the storyline felt a little disorganized...so it had that feeling of art imitating life." Manning also believed that season 5 was the best season of all.

She explained, "I actually think it was one of our strongest seasons. It's interesting, I'm not a TV writer, [but] maybe from [Jenji's] perspective there were parts she thought would fail because the writers got switched up... But I think it's one of our best."

Manning also revealed that there could be a new prison facility in "Orange Is the New Black" season 6. Although the dramedy was already renewed for two more installments, she believed that the series could continue longer as it might feature new locations.

She said that there could be another jail facility and a whole new world of prisoners. Her co-star Moore seemed to agree with her statement when asked about the next season.

Moore teased to The Hollywood Reporter, "Toward the end of season 5, there were some people that were agreeing to stick together, and there were some people that were looking out for themselves. We'll see the repercussions of those decisions in this next season."

"Orange Is the New Black" season 6 is currently in production and is expected to air sometime next year.