Ooberfuse sing English-language anthem for World Youth Day

Ooberfuse have recorded the English-language version of the anthem for this year's World Youth Day.

More than three million young people are expected to gather in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the Catholic youth event later this year.

The London-based Christian pop band have put together Hope of the Dawn, the English-language version of Esperanca do Amanhecer, the official anthem for this year's event.

It was launched this week at World Youth Day's official website.

Ooberfuse singer Cherrie Anderson said it was a great privilege to be singing the English version of the anthem.

"Translating the song from Portuguese to English was a daunting task as we are not fluent in Portuguese," she said.

"In the first verse, the imagery of Christ, arms outstretched, embracing the world and filling it with his love from the hill-top of Rio's high-point Corcovado, is breathtaking.

"Living in London where most people are reticent to loudly proclaim their Christian faith and landmarks testify to worldly achievements it is reassuring to know that in other countries like Brazil they are not shy to express their Christian convictions.

"I can't wait to stand in the shadow cast by the enormous figure of Christ on the top of Corcovado!"

The theme of this year's World Youth Day is 'Go make disciples of all nations'.

Hal St John said the theme was a call for Christians to wake up and bring the good news to the poor.

"It is one thing to allow our faith to infiltrate our songs; it is altogether a different proposition to take Jesus' final words and to reflect in musical melody the weightiness of their meaning," he said.

The band received the support of fans around the world who used Twitter and email to send in their suggestions for improvements and refinements to Hope of the Dawn before its release.

Phil Ross, the London-based national coordinator for the UK World Youth Day pilgrims, said: "Ooberfuse worked closely with the World Youth Day organisers to produce the English anthem - whilst it remains loyal to the Portuguese original it still reflects the style and ambience of the group."