'Onus Helm' releases a free demo: Kickstarter campaign ongoing

Onus Helm
Promotional photo from the "Onus Helm" Website

Roguelike action-adventure game "Onus Helm" recently released a demo on itch.io. The game focuses on a protagonist who awakens to find a cursed helmet on his head. Unable to remove the helmet, and curious about its origins, he sets off on a quest to figure out the truth behind the cursed helmet and to hopefully have it removed somewhere along the way.

"Onus Helm" currently does not have a specific release date. However, the game is currently on crowdfunding website Kickstarter in hopes of earning money for its development. "Onus Helm" has currently earned $917 out of its $5,500 goal. While their final goal is still somewhat far away, the campaign has currently gathered 86 backers and will continue for 22 more days.

The demo is also there for those who find the concept interesting but still have their doubts.

According to the official website: "Onus Helm" is a procedurally generated dungeon crawler. After waking up to find the cursed helmet stuck to his head, the protagonist wanders off into a maze to find someone who can remove it. Enemies, the dungeons themselves, and the items the players find will all be randomized, allowing for a different play through each time. Aside from that, this allows the story to unfold at the player's pace, and for the player to learn more about the helmet and the world through their encounters with monsters and different areas within the dungeon.

As the protagonist progresses and grows stronger, they will gain new abilities and items in their quest to slay monsters and remove the cursed helmet. The game also features other in-game mechanics such as melee and ranged combat, randomly generated levels, different weapons for different play styles, both keyboard and Xbox control support, a variety of bosses and enemies to fight and defeat, and permadeath.

True to the roguelike genre, players will have to reset the game if they die.

The demo is around 14mb in size and a development blog is available for fans interested in keeping track of the games progress and what the developers add or remove from "Onus Helm."